Happy Easter and Earth Day!  If you are looking for eco-fashion content, check out my guest blog at yummy mummy club.  Now onto Follow Fashion  Friday...

I recently discovered a new style blog that I love.  I only like to add blogs I truly love and follow regularly to my blogroll.  And then of course, tell you guys why you should also follow them.

I discovered Already Pretty when Solo Lisa did a guest post there a month or so ago.   Already Pretty is where Where Style Meets Body Image.   Her tagline of Helping you recognize your own beauty, one post at a time, tells you a lot about the spirit behind this blog.   She states her primary mission is to "... show that body knowledge gained through explorations of personal style can foster self-love and self-respect".

Like many of us Sally McGraw wears multiple hats as a style and body image expert, blogger, freelance journalist and communications professional.   Her blog Already Pretty shares tips, daily outfits, reader requests (like this one on how much clothing should we own), unique guest posts, reviews, giveaways... essentially all around great style love fest. 

Plus she seems to share my love of Fluevogs and Campers. What isn't to love!   I'm really hoping she is going to Blogher 11 this summer, as I'd love to compare shoe notes with her.

You can also follow Sally @sallymcgraw on twitter.