Looking back at the past year I see that I learnt a few things about myself and this blog.  I was pretty clear in my original post what Fashion Forward 40 was supposed to be all about.   And I think I am still true to my original intention  "to share the good, the bad and the potentially embarrassing  details of my experience in re-discovering my sense of style after 40".    

I learnt a few things in this year...

  • I have a much better vision of my style personality (classic with a touch of retro - and a flare for statement accessories). 
  • I better understand what to wear for my figure (I have to balance my wide hips, narrow shoulders and a well endowed chest).  Although I am still easily swayed into an impractical item with a colour I love or a fabric that feels fantastic. 
  • I have rediscovered my love of vintage.   I did vintage well in the 80s, and again during my swing kid days. And I forgot how giddy I get when I discover a great find at a vintage or used store.
  • Sometimes what is in your closet is better than something new. It just might need a nip or a tuck to make it great.  I have a tailor I like and hope that our relationship might deepen into real love this year.
  • A new discovery this year was my interest in eco-fashion. Not a big surprise to my friends who saw me jump into cloth diapering with both feet.  But I had a vision of eco-fashion that was a bad stereotype.  So this blog will continue to include my journey along this road.
  • I need alist, but I hate the list.  If I have no idea what I need I shop aimlessly. I find cool things, but things that fade quickly from my closet (sort of like that cool guy you meet at a club and he really doesn't look the same in the morning).   A list gives me structure that has enabled me to shop very clearly and get good items that will last me for years.   And to better understand where I can truly have fun with my closet.
  • Swapping.  No this isn't a 70s retro key/partner swapping idea. But the idea of swapping great clothes with great friends.  I look forward to hosting a spring swap to help everyone with their spring cleaning. 

And that is the most important lesson. Fun.  I never ever want to lose the idea that fashion can and should be fun. 

I hope you continue along this ride with me.   I'll be sure to continue with the good, bad and embarrassing moments of my fashion re-discovery after 40.


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