I love fashion magazines. They are like an invitation to leave the real boring world for a few minutes and enter a  fashion fantasy.  Some have gorgeous photos of high end couture worn in impossible ways in impossible situations.  Others are more practical, but there is still that air of fantasy.   A highly creative group of stylists, photographers, make-up artists, etc  have collaborated to make this magazine magic happen.  And I love to read them to see what is new, cool, next.

Then there is the fast growth of fashion blogs, specifically Street Style and What I Wore type blogs.  I look to these blogs for a very different experience than the fashion magazine. They are the place I go for new ideas on what to wear today.   They are real women (and men) wearing an outfit in the real world.  An outfit they created themselves.  There isn't a lot of re-touching, professional lighting or professional make-up.  Some street style bloggers are professional photographers, but the women and men they shoot have worn that outfit out into the real world.  They have worn it on the bus, in a car, at the office, to a club, shopping, dropping their kids off at soccer, etc. 

And if you haven't found one that reflects your personal style yet, keep looking.  There seems to be a personal style blog out there for everyone.

To me this means that if I try something similar it might just work for me and my real life too.  Through blogs I have gleaned great ideas and gained confidence to try new things.   I've learnt how to tie scarves, layer necklaces, wear skinny pants and mix patterns (well I'm still working up my bravery on that one actually).   Fashion blogs reflect individual style and bring ideas that might actually work for my life.  Today, tomorrow and the next day!

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