I haven't done a Fashion Follow Friday in a long time. So I thought I'd make a few suggestions based on designs I saw at Spend on Trend last weekend.

I love Spend on Trend as it brings such a unique mix of  local designers and artisans in one place. There were some old favourites like Irit Sorokin and Clutch Designs.  Plus some great new "to me" designers like Not Your Nana's Silver, which made really unique jewelry from old silver.  Loved their fork bracelets.

But I will admit that the pieces that I REALLY loved. The pieces that I dream about at night are from Fiveleft.  These local, and often custom, made leather bags are GORGEOUS.  The quality of the leather reminded me of the leather bags a friend of mine used to buy me in Greece, which aged and weathered in such a unique way over time. You just know the colours of his bags are going to age beautifully.    I also loved the designer Lincoln Heller .  He is clearly passionate about his work with a great sense of humour too. You can see both those qualities in his work.  As with anything that is hand crafted and high quality the prices aren't cheap. But I'd be happy to save up for one of these babies. And maybe see if he could put in a  camera pocket in a New Girl purse for me.  A girl can dream can't she?

New Girl purse

Lady Bucket

 These lovely bags are available at several local stores, including The Velvet Room Boutique in Kerrisdale and Forsya Boutique and Gallery on Main.  You can also follow Lincoln on Twitter @fiveleftleather.  OR check out this exquisite bag on his facebook page.

And honey if you are reading this, take this post as a really BIG Christmas hint.   And you can't go wrong with either red or purple.

Photos are from Fiveleft website, with Lincoln's permission to use "whatever I needed".