It was just a short year ago that I spent 13 days, for about 12 hours a day, wearing a smurf blue uniform. If you watched the Vancouver Olympics on TV the smurfs were everywhere in the background.  For those attending the Olympics you couldn't escape us. 

So the question is, when you've worn something for 13 days, can you ever revisit the pieces?  The answer has been yes, but no.  Lets break it down...

  • Smurf blue windbreaker - I'm not someone who normally runs around town in my windbreaker.   I reserve windbreakers for rainy day outdoor activities, camping or skiing.   The smurf windbreaker makes an excellent ski jacket (worn over a good fleece).  It covers my backside (which keeps me dry when I fall...which is a lot), and it has lots of convenient pockets to stash stuff (like my smart phone so I can take pictures of my helmet hair).   I have also chosen not to wear my smurf windbreaker around Vancouver. I keep it for trips to Alberta, camping in the Interior, etc.  I see a lot of other former volunteers proudly wearing their Smurf jacket around town (some with the "head shaking" complete head-to-toe outfit, including the toque).  I guess I just don't like to wear my volunteer contribution literally on my sleeve when walking around town (maybe I'm scared I'll get asked for directions or something).
  • Smurf blue vest - I've worn this skiing or as an under layer when heading outside for a trek to the park with Lil T.
  • Smurf blue t-shirts (2) - These t-shirts are the warmest, softest long sleeve t-shirts I've ever owned.  They are round neck, but unfortunately they don't scoop deep enough to wear under cardigans to work.  Plus they positioned the large HBC logo in a very visible spot on the chest.  So they are used for very casual outfits.  And sometimes I sleep in them.  Did I mention how warm and soft they are?!
  • Navy blue pants - I haven't worn these pants in a year.  They fit well enough, but they are a bit utilitarian. 
  • Toque- It is a great toque and I've worn it several times when a tight fitting toque was required.  And it fits nicely under my ski helmet too.  I suspect this will be the smurf item that lasts the longest in my closet.

There are a lot of Olympic Anniversary events going on around town this weekend.  And I admit I'm tempted to wear my Smurf Windbreaker.... thoughts?