In honour of Prince's concert in Vancouver tonight I am re-posting a Fashion Flashback Friday from 2010.  A Flashback to a Fashion Flashback or something like that.  Anyways, I'm jealous of all who have tix for tonight's concert.  Anyone who wants to join an impromptu Prince dance party at my house tonight let me know.  :)

So this week's theme was all about purple, in honour of my new logo and blog header.  And when I think about purple I can't help but think about Prince.  He rocked purple over 25 years ago with Purple Rain and he continues to do so today.    Of course he is also, in my opinion, one of the best guitar players and musicians of my generation... except maybe for that Minnesota Vikings "Purple and Gold" song.  But that discussion might be better left for another day. 

I LOVED Purple Rain in high school and had such a HUGE crush on Prince.  Today at 51 he looks just as much a rock star - even with his diamond crusted cane because he needs double hip surgery (you had to know those high heels and dancing would catch up with him).    And he still owns that purple trademark like nobody else can.  Whether it is the royal purple shirt under the white suit paired with crazy wrap around glasses , or the lavender detail on his hat.