I recently saw a comment from a young blogger that her generation is more creative or interested in unique individual fashion items than in the past.  I disagree.  I believe each generation is looking for their own unique stamp.   It is certainly true of me when I was in high school in the 80s. 

In High school I shopped vintage. I sewed my own pieces.  My first real job at 16 was in a fabric store so I was always trying to make my own stuff.  I might have paired things with my Espirit or Club Monaco basics (or most likely my Willi Wear obsession), but I worked hard to create my own individual, unique, one of a kind looks.  I wasn't necessarily any good at it, but I worked hard at it.

  • Dark Grey vintage man's overcoat
  • Home made blue wool scarf
  • Denim Willi Wear jumper
  • Crazy white tights
  • Fake Ray Bans

I will agree that when in my 20s during the 90s, I was less individualistic because I didn't have the time or the money.  So yes, I wore the same black gap pants as my friends, but this didn't mean I didn't want to have that unique one of a kind outfit. I was just too busy working for nothing getting my start in advertising.  I do think that much of  fashion may have lost its individual edge in the 90s.  And that might be what the young blogger was refering to.  And it is so great to see young women embrace vintage again (and old ladies like me too).  But it is hard to say one generation is more focused on unique individual fashion than another.  Because things look different when you are in the moment, versus looking back at it.