I'm not sure why but last Friday I felt a bit like a Charlie perfume ad.  For those of us of a certain age we remember Shelley Hack, before she became an angel, as the model in the Charlie perfume ads.  There were apparently other women who did Charlie ads, but I always think of Shelley. 

Why did I feel like  a Charlie ad? I think it was the tie (Gap circa 90s), and perhaps the wide leg pants.  I took some shots without the trench coat, but they didn't feel as Charlie.  Of course my shot is in an alley in South East Vancouver, not the fabulous streets of New York (and the world in later years). 

  • Jeans - Ann Taylor trouser jeans
  • Shirt - Banana Republic
  • Tie - 90s Gap
  • Shoes - Liz Clairborne wedges (Winners)
  • Trench Coat - Banana Republic

Charlie Ad Source