When I visited 10th and Proper to check out there summer sale I bought a great denim wrap dress by local designer Jovani (seen here at Blogher). It has a really interesting cut away in the back, which doesn't enhance any back-fat and can be worn with a regular bra.  Except that the dress needs a camisole or something under it in the front.   I have to admit I hate wearing double tops in the summer. So I almost didn't buy the dress. Then a  bandeau was suggested.   I realized as I tried on the black lace bandeau that my old pregnancy tummy bands could serve the same function.  You know the bands that you wore under your t-shirts to help hide the fact that your pants were undone in your early months and to help support your huge belly in the late months.  I had 3 of them in red, black and white.  I kept them because I thought they'd be useful under shorter t-shirts to give a layered look, without layering.  But then t-shirt styles got longer again and I haven't worn them.

Well now they have a new use. They work under dresses and tops that need a camisole without having to wear a full camisole.  And in the summer heat - who needs to wear double layers of anything.

Self portrait taken with my HTC Flyer, with camera that shoots from front or the back.

  • Dress - Jovani
  • Glass Necklace - Renata Crowe
  • Sunglasses - Target

Do you have pregnancy items that you have been able to successfully repurpose?