My 5 or 6 regular readers know that I highlight a lot of local Vancouver designers on my blog.   I love supporting local designers for several reasons:

  • supports our local design and DIY community
  • when items are manufactured in BC you have comfort in knowing that the staff were paid fair wages with benefits
  • I feel it is more sustainable supporting local business, who then support local business and so on... supporting your local economy at the same time
  • local manufacturing likely has a lower carbon footprint in part because the finished items do not have to be shipped long distances back to Vancouver
  • it is unlikely I'll run into someone else on the street wearing the same dress - it happens, but much less likely

The problem with local designers is that they often cost more.  This makes sense since they need to pay their labour a fair wage, import costs on fabric are high and other such costs.     So these are my investment pieces.  They need to work harder than some of my other clothes.  And therefore justify their higher price tag.

I also like to support local boutiques who often carry a more unique selection of clothes.  I have a few that are "musts" during sale season - I visit them before I go to the chain stores.  I go because I know I'll find something unique. And I'll likely find something my size too.   As I find most chains in Vancouver don't carry as wide a variety of sizes - but that is a discussion for another day.

How do you feel about buying local designs? Do you seek out local designers?  Will you pay more for something that is local?  If so, how much more?