This upcoming Saturday, November 5th is the Women in Leadership Foundation's Annual Gala. The evening celebrates the 10th Anniversary of WIL and 10 years of inspiring and celebrating success.

I will be attending with my very chic date Alexis from Wave the Stick.   Yup the same Alexis who drove with me on my TraverseTrip to San Diego this summer. 

We, along with about 300 other women, will enjoy keynote speaker Catherine Runnals, founder and President of brand.L.I.V.E, and an exclusive fashion show from Jacqueline Conoir and JAC collections.  We will also have our pictures snapped in the photo booth, bid on silent & live auction items, enjoy a lovely dinner and go home with a fabulous gift bag. 

For those long time readers you will remember I covered this event last year.  And had the extra opportunity of following their make over winner through her hair and wardrobe transformation.  I expect this year to be just as fabulous. With the added bonus that I do not have any volunteer duties this year. I'm just a regular old member of the Advisory Board. 

So why do we get all dressed up for this special girls night out? To raise money for WIL and their mentorship program which helps women connect, learn and grow from each other in mentorship programs in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal.   The program helps both mentees and mentors learn from each other to improve their leadership skills.  And I firmly believe that a lot of small changes will help create big change in the leadership of women in this country.

Now the other big question - what to wear?  I actually couldn't remember what I wore last year and had to look up my blog post.  Doesnt' say much for my outfit being memorable?!?!   So what to wear this year?  I could probably wear the same dress and nobody would notice (certainly not me). 

On the Red Carpet with my friend Jeremy and my "date" Deborah

Or I could wear this purple Jacqueline Conoir dress, with the deceivinglyhigh slit. It fits well and is easy to dress up with some extra bling.  

Now my date Alexis is likely to look very chic as always.   She owns an lovely supply of great little dresses.  I'm sure one will fit the bill perfectly.   Her red Prada (which she calls her Star Trek Prada) would fit the bill beautifully. Except that she finds the slit a bit too high to sit in, so she usually only wears it to cocktail parties.  And we will be sitting for dinner, the keynote, live auction and fashion show.   I'm sure as we get closer to Saturday she will employ the power of twitter to help make her final dress/shoe/accessory choice. 

Alexis Hinde in her "cocktail" Prada

If you are in need of a fantastic gala night out, there are still tickets available.   I'd love to have you join me and 300 of my closest girlfriends for a fabulous night out.  You can find more information here.   Or email me.