Dear Santa,

I know it has been a long long time since you've heard from me (about 33 years).  But over the past year I've blogged about all sorts of stylish items.   And I thought you might find it confusing to know what items I really really really wanted in my closet this Christmas.  

I have been a very good girl this year Santa,  if you don't include my potty mouth and that time I aided & abetted my friend in buying something really expensive.   Well and those nasty things I said about some celebrity outfits on the red carpet.

I know it has been a tough year all over. And you probably are undergoing cut backs like the rest of us.  And might be  limited in the number of things you can bring to each house.  Well, really, my son only needs a few small things.  He has so many toys already. Which he isn't very good at putting them away -  on that note be careful you don't step on any lego when you arrive (cause I know that one hurts like a bitch).   This should leave you more space for the goodies on my list.   It isn't a long list... just 3 "little" items that would last a long time in my closet. And I promise to take really really good care of them and always put them away properly.    

Goddess Dress by Nicole Bridger - purple - size 4

Portside shoes by Fluevogs - black, grey and red - size 8.5

New Girl purse by Fiveleft - red

Anyways, I would be really grateful Santa if you could see a way to include these 3 "small" items in your sleigh for me this year.  I'd be happy to blog about all the good things you continue to do all around the world.  Or help with an elf make-over. 

And I'll be sure to leave out some Trader Joe goodies and add an extra kick to your milk to help you make it through your long cold Christmas Eve night.

Yours truly,

Tracey Jane