The title is a bit misleading because we didn't actually drive a car, but we did crawl all over one.

In a few short weeks I'll be driving to San Diego for BlogHer '11 with Karen, Alexis and Nicole.  Since we are going to spend a lot of time in a Chevrolet Traverse we thought we should check one out in advance.  So Alexis, Nicole and I spent a lovely casual Friday visiting Carter Chevrolet.  We were sorry that Karen lives on the Sunshine Coast and couldn't join us.

Of course I took a large empty suitcase so I could visualize the cargo capacity. And it appears there will be lots of space for our stuff going down and coming home (it seats 7 and there are only 4 of us, plus the seats in the 2nd and 3rd rows have a 60/40 split).  But I'm going to still try and pack smart anyways - but more on how the heck I do that another day.

We also checked the electrical plugs (3), cup holders (more than I could count), storage space and such.

Here we are practicing our poses with the vehicle on a windy and sunny day.

Nicole and Alexis in their casual Friday outfits

Yup it is windy

The car matched my shirt.

And me showing off my new Wonder Women style bracelet from Plum. Which I dropped and broke the next day.

Hmmm we just might have found a blogger time out corner.

After we finished with the car we went for a relaxing Friday afternoon lunch and planned out our trip.

Next week I'll blog about how energy efficient the Traverse is and how much we are reducing our carbon footprint by driving to San Diego. Watch for it on my Ramblings of TJR blog.

What I wore:

  • Top - Plum
  • Skinny pants - Banana Republic
  • Shoes - Converse
  • Scarf - Stolen many years ago from Mom's closet and never returned
  • Bracelet - Plum
  • Sunglasses - Target

Practicing my sexy car photography