I am a regular visitor at Portobello West.  And it was a fresh way to celebrate the start of spring.  They were also in their new home at Creekside Community Centre (a LEED Platinum building).   My Mom was in town so it seemed a great way to spend an afternoon, while my little guy napped at home with Dad.

Now I'll admit I've spent most of this week at home with the flu, so this is going to be a more visual post as my brain still isn't putting too many words together very well. I was healthy at the market, but been sick since.

I will also admit to failing at my challenge in March to buy nothing new (I was limited to used, vintage or thrift).  I'll have a full update on what I bought in March next week, but it was at Portobello West when I failed.  I wasn't really surprised as I have a hard time resisting local artisan goodies.

Irit Sorokin

I was keeping my eye out for Irit and was hoping to introduce myself.  When I got to the booth my Mom and I started chatting with her about bracelets (wear 1, 3 or 5 at once) and gold vs silver.  And like a dork I forgot to introduce myself.   We didn't purchase anything (this time) but her colourful statement jewelry certainly caught our eye.  And I think I know what to get my Mom for Christmas now. IritSorokindesigns.com

Irit Sorokin Designs (photo credit: Tanya Clark)

Irit Sorokin Designs (photo credit: Tanya Clark)

Ebb and Flo

This is the lovely jewelry line by @pomomama, who is a regular commentor here. I was excited to see her unique handcrafted jewelry and accessories in wire, metal and fibre.  I sat next to her at a recent Vancouver Mom Cafe and she was busy knitting something, I don't think her hands know how to sit still.  I was particularly keen to see her crochted cuffs that combine metal and felt.  pomomamadesign.com

Pomomama had some wonderful Dragon fly pins, but in the end I went with a funky cuff. Which was my birthday gift from my Mom (yup next week I add another year to my age).  Cost to me was $0 cause my Mom rocks.

Tomoko Tahara

I had great intentions after I got the gifted cuff to stick to my challenge and not buy anything else.  But then we came across Tomoko's booth and her great hats and head bands.  She had some fantastic handcrafted wool hats and felt head bands.   When I first tried this headband on I felt a bit like Wilma Flintstone when she worked as a Car Hop at the Drive-In burger joint (like vintage A&W).  But after wearing it for a few minutes I felt I could work it.  Then was the big decision between orange or magenta.  Orange won out.  Cost was $25. www.tomokotahara.etsy.com

Valerie Gobert

Valerie was one of the early booths we visited, but I usually do a full loop before I start to buy anything.  Obviously we didn't get all the way around without buying. But Valerie's booth had these really interesting up-cycled silk tie necklaces, so we went back to see her again.  I missed out on the original navy and cream one I liked (that is what you get for waiting).  But I still scored a really cool multi-coloured necklace made from a used 100% silk tie. I also really loved Valerie, with her lovely French accent. She took the time to show me how to tie the tie (cause you know it will come undone and then I'd be lost).  Which I really appreciated.  Cost $25. www.valeriegobert.blogspot.com

Other Vendors

Other vendors to check out:

Portobello Markets is a monthly artisan market taking place on the last Sunday of the month.  It has locally designed clothing, accessories, chocolate, jewelry and other fun stuff.  And while my list today is a bit jewelry and accessory focused, but that is probably because that is where my focus was this month.  Be sure to check it out next month on April 24.  More info.