One of the good things about the fashion seasons is you can see what is going to be on trend for fall before you start buying your spring clothes. It lets you know which silhouettes are going to be around for a while - well at least 2 seasons.  I'll leave the many downsides to the fashion seasons to another day.

The return of the 70s is one of those trends that was on both the spring and fall 2011 runways.   Now I was too young in the 70s to really wear anything too fashionable.  I wore a lot of velour, tank tops and short satin shorts.  So no worries about me doing something I've done before.  

I was certainly too young to remember any Studio 54 gossip, but the fashion of Charlie's Angels is well engrained on my brain (that would be the original 1970s Kate Jackson,  Jaclyn Smith, Farrah Fawcett / Cheryl Ladd version not the movie or the TV show reboot).  They had great pant suits, A-line dresses, wide leg jeans and awesome platform shoes.  Not to mention car phones in their convertibles.

 Besides old tv shows, there are a couple of reasons I'm excited about the 70s silhouette returning:

  • YSL - the Yves Saint Laurent look just seems so chic and effortless (not that I can afford the real thing)
  • Jewel colours - Purples, Emerald Green and Dark Reds all work well for my colouring and are some of my favourite colours
  • Wide leg pants - While I came around (slowly) to the skinny pant trend I always feel so confident, tall and fab in a pair of long wide leg pants.  And they work so well for my body type.
  • A-line dresses - works so well on my body type. And they make you feel pretty.
  • Accessories - big sun glasses, fun hats, and turbans (although I'll probably wear a modified scarf tied versus the whole head piece)
  • Sleek Pant suits - like the ones below from Jacqueline Conoir's spring 2011 line.

Jacqueline Conoir Spring/Summer 2011 Collection

Jacqueline Conoir Spring/Summer 2011 Collection

Not so excited about:

  • Satin - can be hard to wear and I'll likely avoid it, except perhaps in accessories.
  • High waisted pants - the trend to wear shirts tucked into high waisted pants does not work well for my 42 year old mommy tummy.
  • Jump suits and rompers - enough said about those.

What about you?  Does this reboot of the 1970s have you excited or running from the stores toward another trend?