A year ago today, I posted this about my Show Conundrum.    I needed new dressy black shoes for a gala and I had purchased two different pairs.  I needed help deciding which to keep, as I couldn't afford to keep both. Many of you suggested I throw caution to the wind and buy both. Which in the end is what I did.  Well a year later and I have to say I should have gone with my gut. 

I wear the Fluevogs at least once a week (in all seasons except maybe summer).  They are soo comfortable - I even wore them dancing at Blogher.  They look almost new. And I get compliments almost every single time I wear them. They work well with a variety of outfits from work to dressy.  A great purchase, even at the full sticker price of close to $300.   Assuming I have worn them once a week for a year that works out to $5 cost/wear.  Pretty darn good I think.

The "go-to" Fluevogs

The Michael Kors black platform heels have been worn 3 maybe 4 times. Now I knew way back last year that these shoes would not be worn every week.  They are special occasion shoes.  And they are fantastic.  But I would never try dancing in them.   They are stand around and look good shoes.   These shoes were a lot less expensive at around $140, which works out to about $35/wear.   Now I expect that I will continue to wear these shoes a few times a year for several years to come.  So not a bad purchase by any means.

The Special Occasion Michael Kors

But based on my finances of last year I should have kept the Fluevogs and taken back the Michael Kors.  The lesson for the future...follow my gut, which told me to be practical.  And in this case practical looks pretty darn good.