This upcoming Sunday I am going to be participating in Run for the Cure in Vancouver.  To be honest, I'll be walking 5km for the cure, because my Achilles tendonitis doesn't like running.   And I won't be alone, I'm running/walking on the Bloggers for Boobies team with 9 other awesome bloggers. Some who I know well (and drove 000's of km with this summer), some who I've had countless online conversations with not yet met in real life and others that I will be introducing myself to for the first time.  The wonders of social media bring new people together everyday.

My fellow Bloggers for Boobies who will join me in matching t-shirts on Sunday are:

I am participating because an estimated 23,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year in Canada.  And being a woman over 40 breast health becomes even more imprtant.   So I'm trying to make a difference and help fund breast cancer research, education and health promotional initiatives across the country.

I'd appreciate anyone who is able to donate to my personal page, or to any of my team mates above.