So last night was the big Fashion Awards in New York.  Again, does anyone really pay attention to who wins?  No, we are all too busy watching the dresses on the red carpet.  I love watching what the designers wear when they walk the red carpet for themselves.  And I love what the big name editors wear when they are being watched.

As you can see the red carpet style was all over the place from bright colours, to simple black and white to minimal ivory/white/nude.  The dresses were short, long, puffy or not dresses at all.  But the strangest trend to me was the outfits that seemed ready for lunch or the office.  I know some of these ladies are busy and don't have time for hours in the salon before the event. But some looked like they had just come from work or were headed to a ladies luncheon.  And the truly unfortunate part is that many of worst dressed are the women that supposedly the experts on all the current and future trends.


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Anna Wintour looking lovely in black and white