I love the Tony Awards for many reasons, one if which the red carpet is filled with fantastic mature women. And not just young starlets.  Tonight didn't disappoint.    And while I have to admit many of the women played it safe, it is clear that many of them understand what works well on their bodies. And then there were a couple where you have to shake your head and say WTF?

The Colours - Many of the women embraced the bold colour trend with lots popping colours on the red carpet.

Viola Davis

Tovah Feldshuh and Patrick Wilson


Laura Benanti


Judith Light

Daryl Roth

Catherine Zeto Jones

Christie Brinkley and Alexa Ray Joel

Annabella Sciorra

The Darks - These little black (or midnight blue) dresses looked lovely, if a bit safe.  And perhaps a bit boring.

Victoria Clark

Kathleen Marshall


Marg Helgenberger

Kate Flannery

Ellen Barkin

Edie Falco

Silver/White - White, silver and grey were hot tonight.  In dresses and in hair.

Vanessa Redgrave and James Earle Jones

Tyne Daly


Brooke Shields

WTF - Now I didn't see the entire show, so did I miss the part where Frances McDormand wore a costume of a denim jacket with a maxi dress?  Or where Whoopi re-enacted her Star Trek character?  And Ms. Lupone we love you, but that short black and white dress was a rare mis-step.

Whoopi Goldberg

Frances McDormand

Patti Lupone