I love awards season.  The dresses, bad red carpet interviews and train-wreck outfits make up for the bloated self indulgent show itself.  This is the first year I've blogged about the SAG awards fashion,  and there were a large number of women over 40 to review. And they didn't disappoint.

Before I get into the fashion I do have to admit my horror that 2011 is the year that Winona Ryder turns 40.  She was the IT girl of my generation growing up in front of our eyes.  She starred in iconic movies such as Beetlejuice, Heathers, Reality Bites, Little Women and Dracula.  Glad to see her back on the red carpet and nominated for her work.  But I'm having a hard time coming to terms with her upcoming 40th birthday.  I'll have to host a Winona Ryder marathon movie night on October 29th, 2011, complete with goth costumes and blood drinks. 

Anyways, back to the point - the fashions worn by the almost 40 and older crowd.  Many of the trends seen at The Golden Globes continued here.  Red (and strapless) was the big trend with the over 40 crowd.  There was lots of white/nude as well.  Plus one shouldered dresses and of course - black.

The Hits

My favourite was a tie.  I couldn't decide between the glorious red strapless Yves St. Laurent that Julianne Marguiles wore or the straight out of Studio 54 Tuxedo jump suit by Catherine Malandrio that Julie Bowen wore (click a thumbnail to see slide show of full size images). 

 1 juliana-margulies

2 julie-bowen

3 tina-fey

4 jane-krakowski

5 annette-warren 

6 -sedgwick

7 susan-sarandon 

8 bertinelli-malick-leeves

9 steve-and-nancy-carell

10 mariska-hargitay

11 jeff-and-susan-bridges

 12 nancy-odell

13 angela-kinsey

 14 sofia-vergara

15 edie-falco

There were a couple of ladies who kept is simple and looked nice and elegant in their LBDs.

16 robin-wright-penn

17 jobeth-williams

18 denisegrayson

Most Improved

Big points go out to Helena Bonham Carter who I think is most improved from her Golden Globes outfit. She kept is simple here, and I really liked her black and white dress and black shoes.

But I think I have to be honest and admit that I just really hate her hair and sun glasses.  But you have to love her attitude. When asked about why she wore 2 colours shoes to the GG she indicated it was a bit of indecision and also she figured she'd be on the worst dressed list anyways, why not make it a guarantee.  She also commented, in a different interview, that she was at the awards show for her reported acting abilities not her fashion abilities.  

Maybe we've just seen Helena in so many period movies she just doesn't look natural in modern clothing. Or maybe she is just more comfortable in period costumes.  Either way, great improvement here.



Fashion train wrecks is frankly part of the fun of watching the red carpet fashion shows.  But I also like all these actresses and wish they weren't on my "misses" list.    My least favourite was Winona Ryder's dress which looked like it belonged on the top of a wedding cake - and that isn't a good thing.










Photos: Zimbio