The 2011 award season has come to an end, with a bit of a wimper for the 40+ set. This year saw a lot of bright colours (reds, oranges, greens) versus those in pale nude or pink dresses.  The one shoulder dress fought hard against the long sleeve gowns.  And while there was a lot of lovely on the red carpet, there were only a handful of spectacular!  And it was also hard to find a truly horrible dress on the red carpet.  No train wrecks, just a few dresses that didn't truly reflect the personalities of the women who were wearing them.  And maybe some scary hair.

My Oscar top picks were easy - Halle Berry and Helen Mirren.  Both picked dresses that fit their style, figures and hair.  And they both looked sexy without seeming trashy. 

The other end of the spectrum was Sharon  Stone, who had a fantastic dress paired with the scariest hair I've seen in a long time.  And the lovely Jacki Weaver who wore a dress that drowned her personality. 

There was a lot of family action at the Oscars this year. And of course, I'd be remiss if I didn't include some of the lovely Red Carpet TV ladies from the various  TV networks. 

What are your thoughts?  Who was best? Who was the worst?

Halle Berry

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Hit! Halle Berry looks stunning in Marchesa and some gorgeous diamond earrings

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