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Today was the first full day of the Blogher conference.  I attended some great, and inspirational, sessions.  I also took a stroll through the sponsor expo.  And had my photo take with some friends. Well Harrison is a bit too private and gruff to be called a friend, but he was cooperative enough here. And […]

Today was our third and last day of driving to get to Blogher.  It was our shortest driving day, which gave us time to hit the outlets outside San Diego.  So admission time. I didn't even make it past the first store before I went off the plan, laid out yesterday, and bought a cardigan.  […]

So on day 2 of our road trip I've had some time to get over the novelty of a road trip with the girls and start taking some time to think and write. The backseat of the Traverse is very comfortable, with lots of leg room and a smooth ride. So I'm able to type […]

Four women, 7 days, 3 states on a 5,000 km road trip adventure from Vancouver, BC to San Diego California for Blogher 11. Going to be a lot of time in a confined space...  The first day started early, but after a caffeine fill-up we were off. We arrived at our first hotel in mostly the […]

Clearly it made sense to have me be the one to research our best shopping option on our Traverse Roadtrip to San Diego.  A few months I took some requests and based on that we made a couple of our hotel decisions. And then finally this week I mapped out our options along the route. […]

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