The plus about having your own blog is that it is all your voice, the downside when you are sick there is nobody to help pick up the slack. So if you noticed a little less blogging this week it was because the stomach flu took up residence in our house. So looking my best or 'working it' wasn't a top priority. Trying to be comfortable, warm and toddler vomit free were. So out came the flannel pjs. The flannels didn't necessarily help with the vomit free part, but they are very easy to wash (plus you don't have to take them off over your head... which most mom's will understand as a plus when dealing with a sick toddler).

I think I knew, but wasn't ready to admit I have a bit of a flannel pj problem. I love that classic man's pj, in flannel, with fun prints. I'm renowned for them with our camping friends (they are perfect to go straight from tent to outhouse without offending neighbouring campers or your mother-in-law). My family seems to have caught on this trend and I usually get at least one new pair each Christmas (this year it was a crazy pair of turquoise and pink plaid bottoms from Old Navy from my Mom). I have lots of other types of pjs, but fun flannel seems to be the favourite. Hey I live on the west coast we have to own some flannel.

My old faves are blue with vintage dresses all over them. But I sadly came to realize, as I attempted to run after a sick toddler, that the elastic in the waist is now done!! Then there are the monkey versions - white with Paul Smith monkeys and the bright fuchsia pink ones with monkey faces. But the current favourites are the ones with breakfast foods all over them. It was a bit sad when I looked down at that food one day this week - when my stomach was screaming to be fed, but I knew I couldn't eat anything that was printed on my pjs.