Last week Women in Leadership Foundation hosted their mentorship picnic at Locarno Beach.  It was a lovely afternoon with the ladies. Most importantly it was an opportunity to run into Lili Vieira de Carvalho again. I met Lili at last year's Women in Leadership Foundation Gala (she and a girlfriend won  tickets from @miss604).    She is now taking part in the mentorship program as a mentor (coincidentally her mentee is my good friend and graphic designer Marlis).  Anyways, Lili immigrated to BC from Brazil in 2008.   She is the Associate Director at the Diane Farris Gallery, as well as being a social media enthusiast, blogger and photographer.

She has a this really easy going  artist chic style.   Simple pieces paired with something impactful.

This day she wore a simple summer dress with this great necklace which she  bought in Buzios, a beach resort near Rio. Since her necklace is likely the closest I'll ever get to Rio I wanted to share it here.   Plus she wore her always present accessory - her smile. 

Follow Lili on twitter at @lilivc.