While at Blogher there was a lot of swag. But the best promised swag was at the Mouthy Housewives party. Now I will admit I crashed said party.  My friend Gwen (aka @leftcoastmama) was invited and had RSVPd. She didn't want to go alone, so I was happy to tag along.   She showed her invite and they welcomed both of us no questions asked.  There were great cocktails and a crazy squishy ball game. 

But the best part of the party was that LG was a sponsor and promised each attendee a LG Kompressor vacuüm.  We happily filled out their form.  But at the same time were skeptical that us Canadian girls would ever see our vacuum cleaners.   Vacuuming to me is the most HATED of housework.  So anything that makes that easier for me is GOLD.

Fast forward a few weeks and I'm busy trying to vacuum up 3 weeks worth of vacation cat hair off my low pile (aka cat hair eating velcro) carpet.  I'm sweating like crazy from the mini heat wave and cursing my vacuum cleaner.  Last spring parts of the wheels started breaking off. So now it is like pushing an 80 year with a walker around my house or driving a car with flat tires down a gravel road.  It also doesn't seem to want to suck anymore.    We bought it used on craigslist and it lasted a miraculous year before its ultimate death - not bad all things considered.

A snazzy new vacuum cleaner delivered to my door by LG would make my life sooooo much better in many ways,  but mostly because it would mean new shoes.... let me walk you through the logic.

  1. Hubbie will be so impressed that my blogging actually got me a vacuum cleaner he might agree that I deserve a little "treat". 
  2. We need new tires for our car, a new kettle (which also broke during the heat wave) and a new vacuum cleaner.  Apparently hubbie thinks he can fix the kettle.  But according to my hubbie the tires MUST be purchased soon and apparently they MUST be purchased NEW.   So that would mean either continuing to push the old lady vacuum around my house or buying another used one.  Which will likely break in 6 months.   So hubbie will be focused on saving any money we can so we can buy a new one... thus he'll be watching my spending.  A new "free" LG means he won't be as worried about money.
  3. My husband LOVES anything new and electronic.  And as a "Big Bang Theory" type he would get very excited about checking out how the vacuum cleaner works on different types of dirt/surfaces.   So he will be vacuuming all the time.   And a husband doing the housework means more free time for me. 
  4. I find a husband willingly doing housework (and specifically my host hated task) very sexy.  And when hubbie is getting some he doesn't pay much attention to bags coming into the house or the visa bill.

So that means no money worries + more free time for me + husband getting some = SHOES!!!  Or maybe a new pair of jeans.

So LG find a way to send those vacuum cleaners to us Canadian BlogHer girls.   I really don't mind paying some  Canadian duty if it means a new pair of shoes - oops I mean an awesome new vacuüm cleaner!  Am I a swag whore?  Or maybe just a shoe wore!