The Junos is one of the bigger celebrity events in Canada every year.  We have some fantastic musicians. And while our fashions are usually much more conservative than the US award shows, it is still fun to check out what women wore on the red carpet. 

I watched only part of the show on tv last night. Saw the funny Barenaked Ladies open the show. Caught Blue Rodeo and Greg Keeler's freshly shaved face and Jim Cuddy's tight as-ever jeans.  Saw Drake. Saw April Wine get inducted. Saw K'Naan.   But didn't really see any women, certainly none over 40.  So checked online today to see what I missed.   It seems that I missed little, when it comes to women appearing at this year's Junos.   Except Emily Hanes of Metric... who rocked a silver metalic mini-dress. But she is only in her mid 30s.  

For the sake of this blog where I like to focus on fashion over 40,  I'm left talking about how lovely Drake's Mom Sandi looked at the awards show.   Or Jeanne Beker who tweeted the heck out of the night.  But alas the only decent pictures is this  twitpic from the red carpet in a black leather shrug  by Abbyshot (a Newfoundland company that makes clothing styled after those worn in movies, tv, etc. I so WANT the Doctor Who replica 10th Doctor's Coat... but that probably belongs on a different blog)

And yes, I know there were women at the show -  up and coming singers - CTV personalities - dates - female band members.   And I know the music industry is a young industry.  But it really seemed like an overly male dominated evening.    Even when you look at the pictures online from the gala dinner on the Saturday night.  Now some of the fault might have been most of the nominees just happened to be men this year or people got held up because of the volcano (a lot of press and attendees didn't make it).  But  all the scheduled performers arrived for the broadcast Sunday night.   And that didn't include many women.

So if you want to see some fantastic Canadian female celebrity red carpet photos.  Google the 2009 Junos from Vancouver.