So the plan for Blogher10 was to take pictures of all my outfits. I wrote a list of what I packed and figured I should follow up with visuals.  Unfortunately, I got caught up in the conference and only got pictures of 3 of my outfits. 

Thursday night - original plan was black pants and a white blouse. This was replaced with the Mexx dress I got on sale for $40 when shopping in TO.  It is shorter than I usually wear, but was convinced by my best friend to get over it and go for it. I'm glad she did.  I wore it with a good pair of Spanx, my grey Town Shoes and my Joe Fresh pearls to the "Canadian Embassy" party, Martha Stewart Living Blogger Party and The People's Party.    I had some great bloggers comment about my necklace and I had to admit to them I bought it at a grocery store.

On Friday I went with my orange bamboo Cherry Blossom t-shirt, Reitman's Comfort Skirt, Addition Elle Safari Jacket and Orange Fluevog sandals.  I love these shoes. They are normally very comfortable.  But today after all day shopping in the NY humidity on Thursday, my toes were blistered and my Fluevogs only made it to mid day. Then it was the flip flops.

On the last night I pulled out my Jacqueline Connoir shift dress, my feather headband and as you can see from the shot below a fair amount of attitude.  @Leftcoastmama made sure I stood up straight and made sure all the assets were in the right place as she took my picture. Underneath were my new "Assets" handed out by Spanx at the Blogher Expo.  They were comfortable and In My Humble Opinion they made my backside look great.  But they didn't pull the tummy in as much as my other "sausage casings" and they only came up to my waist.

As I get caught back up on sleep, and my feet begin to feel normal,  I'll post more from New York. I did some good shopping, met some interesting women, got to see the inside of the Martha Stewart Living Office and toured NY the SATC way.