About a month ago I bought a Comfort Denim Skirt from Reitman's.  It was my first time shopping at Reitman's for at least a decade... probably two.  I came home with a $3o black denim comfort fit skirt. It is a pull-up skirt so I wasn't sure how it was going to hold up after a couple of wears. 

In the past denim skirts have frustrated me in their fit.  To get them to fit over my hips comfortably they are usually to large in the waist. And yes you can wear a belt, but they hike up when you walk/move in them.  And they are not very forgiving if you happen to have a large dinner or miss a work out.

I've worn my new denim skirt on average twice a week.  Which in a cost analysis is about $3.75 per wear, so far.  I've worn it to the office with a white shirt and wide purple belt.  I've worn it to the farmer's market with my green converse and a funky t-shirt.  I even wore it to the play-gym on Friday when all my pants were either dirty or feeling a bit too tight (don't worry I made sure to wear good underwear so I wouldn't Britney anyone by accident). 

It fits great and is obviously very versatile. It is forgiving of an extra bit of dinner and never feels or looks too tight.  It does still ride up a bit when I walk.  But nowhere near as bad as previous denim skirts. Except for the one day when I tucked a silky cami into the skirt. Boy was I annoyed until I realized the top was the problem.  Anyways the riding up problem is minor and can be fixed by putting my hand in the pocket.

Not sure how well it will wear over time.  But so far it hasn't stretched out.  And I'm very happy with my $30 buy.