I went to public school growing up so I didn't have to wear a uniform. But I understand uniforms as I wore a lot of them as part of my precision skating team (now called Synchronized skating).  We needed to look like a team when we competed as well as when we travelled.    Uniforms are useful for people on teams or in specific roles - it makes both the wearer feel like they belong, but also identifies them to others as a part of the team. 

As a volunteer for the Olympics it is important that people can easily identify you as someone official and some who (might maybe if you are lucky) be able to answer their questions (No picture required -  you see us all over the streets in Vancouver.  And you only have to watch the Olympics on TV for a few minutes before you see a volunteer in their bright blue uniform somewhere in the background).  We call ourselves smurfs, but really we know our uniforms are pretty great... as uniforms go.

I've found it rather nice and easy to get dressed everyday these last few days.  I have the choice of 2 t-shirts (and depending on the weather a turtleneck layered underneath).  I have a vest, pants and matching jacket.  It is so easy to get dressed and go. 

I wondered this morning at 4:30 as I got ready to leave the house how much easier it would be to wear a uniform everyday.    Maybe not a team uniform, but a sort of everyday collection of essentially the same clothes just in different colours... aka "the" uniform.    Just think about those men that live in their business casual khaki pants and golf shirts everyday.   It must be so easy to get dressed every morning.

But the biggest positive with uniforms is also its biggest challenge - uniforms make you look like everyone else.  And I want to look like the individual that I am.    The challenge is to find that balance, between a few key essentials (aka the uniform) along with those unique elements that differentiate you as an individual.   And of course some variety to keep me interested and excited about getting dressed everyday.

But as I get up tomorrow for my 4th day in the row at 4:30am.  I'll be happy to "smurf" up in record time and head off to my shift.   Apparently being committed to being an individual is directly related to how much you like sleep.