As many of you probably guessed I have over spent my fall clothing budget.  So with money left, but a need for a few more fun accessories and touches it is time to start to check out the local thrift and vintage stores.  Thrifting also helps make your shopping more environmental.  Why buy something new when you can re-use an already existing awesome item.  And that seemed a good theme to start off "Eco-Fashion Week". 

So I'm looking for good vintage and thrift store suggestions.  I have a favourite spot for vintage jewelry in Gastown on Cordova and Cambie.  And the MCC Thrift store on Fraser, but they are really better for toys and appliances, than fashion finds.  I saw there are a number of Commercial near Venebles.  But am wondering if anyone has been there and can recommend them?

So what are your thrift store and vintage recommendations in the Vancouver area?  I'd love to have a fun vintage shopping day in the near future.