Lets be honest.  I'm a planner.  I'm rarely without some sort of project plan or road map.  This new blog adventure is no exception.   This blog is about re-igniting my love of fashion and rediscovering my style.  So I asked myself some questions to get me started...

Celebrating New Year's Eve ready to embrace my new adventure.

What is my style?

Not really sure.  I like to think I'm stylish (vs trendy) and that I wear clothes that suit my body.   I love clothes and styles from the 20s/30s and 40s.  I have a few core pieces that I like to mix up with a few fun accessories to keep it interesting - think burnt orange shoes with jeans and a teal top.

The problem is I'm not totally sure what really suits my body.  Sure I watch "What Not to Wear" and "Tim Gunn's Guide to Style".  But I think this makes me even more dangerous... as I only have a little bit of knowledge. And do I really have the self knowledge to interpret their TV advice.

Why is this important to me?

When I look good. I feel good.  This doesn't mean spending tons of time and money on the latest trends.  To me this is wearing clothes that fit me well, are appropriate for the occasion and show my personality.  We aren't talking brain surgery here folks. But it is amazing how little changes can really make a difference.

I don't want to become a new person!  Just a better me.

What are my challenges?

Time & money are key.  I don't have that much of either as I chase after a toddler and a husband.  So I figure if I take some time up front to figure out what works for me then it will be easier to maintain. 

After being at home for 2 years with my son, my current closet is a more than a bit schizophrenic, including: pre-mom pregnancy work clothes;  funky clothes from my single days;  maternity wear;  clothes that worked for nursing;  play-gym chic;  odd items that I thought were cool; and my new returned to work clothes. 

Also, like most women,  I have my challenges finding clothes that fit.  Many of the regular stores carry only a few items in my size.  

What do I do next?

So here is my plan of attack for the next few months:

1 - The "Hated" Basics - Go shopping for proper fitting bras (done see "The Girls"); jeans (might need wine and a girlfriend for that trip); underwear; and a bathing suit (lets see how long I can procrastinate that one).

2 - Shop my closet - Hire a stylist to come over and review my closet with me... sort of "What Not To Wear" without the 360 degree mirror (and hopefully less tears).    I'm sure she will help me discover all sorts of cool "new" outfits already in my closet, and also:

  • cut size of my closet
  • define and focus my style
  • create a list of what basics I need
  • give me guidelines for what works for me.

3 - Fill in the missing items - Go shopping (with a brutally honest friend and probably some kleenex) to find the basic items missing from my closet. 

4 - Experiment with new and old items.  I'm sure I'll make some mistakes, but learning will be half the fun. 

Keep an Open Mind!

As with all plans,  I'm sure things will change and I'll need to be flexible.  But most of all I need to be open-minded to what people will tell me, but also stay true to myself.  I know that little inner style voice is still in their somewhere.   I just need to dig to find her!