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Last night was one of my favourite TV nights - the Oscars.  Once upon a time I would have seen all the movies and would have had a group of friends over for fancy cocktails to watch the red carpet sceptical and the extra long bloated show.    Today I have a toddler and while I considered having a few friends over for a pot luck/play date Oscar night, my house was too messy and the toddler was sick.   I was proud to have seen at least one of the best picture nominees (The Hurt Locker) and one of the best actress nominees (Julie and Julia).   What can I say I don't get out to the theatre much these days, and only just saw Revolutionary Road this week.  

Anyways on to the important part of the night.... And once again a fantastic showing on the Red Carpet by the women 40 and over.    They showed many of those young starlets how to wear the dress and not have the dress wear you.

My favourite was the woman of the evening - Sandra Bullock.  Her hair and make-up were simple and just a bit retro.  Her dress by Marchesa was just dazzling.  And I loved that she wore her own jewelry - keeping it simple so the dress could truly shine.  Love that she matched it with an Oscar and a great acceptance speech.

Next favourite was Dame Helen Mirren.  This woman is truly ageless.  And if she is using artificial means to keep her look youthful she is doing it in an unobvious way (unlike others on the red carpet).  She understands how to both dress for a red carpet and maintain her own style.  Her silver (looked more lavender to me) Badgley Mischka dress and Chopard jewels were simple perfect on her. 

My favourite couple was Jeff Bridges (in Gucci) and his wife of 33 years Susan Geston (in Monique Lhullier).   The dress fit her beautifully and showed off her  neck, shoulders and cleavage.  I also loved the detail on her skirt.  Her earrings (although a bit Angelina Jolie 2009 Oscars) were the perfect touch with her hair and red lips.

Sigourney Weaver, who has made poor choices in the past,  looked elegant in her stand out red Lanvin dress with the black ribbon belt.   And people who know me won't be surprised that I loved the pin on the shoulder.

Mo'Nique is a shoot from the hip kind of woman. She says what she thinks and I really like that about her.  She wore a stunning blue Tadashi Shoji dress in honour of Hattie McDaniel who wore the same colour when she won the same Best Supporting Actress award in 1940.   A really great sentiment.  Topped off by a nice retro touch... beautiful fresh flowers in her hair.  

 And just to prove that it wasn't just the movie stars who could look great  wore a fantastic dress to see Sandra Bullock win her Oscar for playing her in The Blind Side

 Kathryn Bigelow was the history making woman of the night.  Just in time for International Woman's Day!!  I wrote about Kathryn's style in my countdown to the Oscars last week.  So I wasn't surprised that she wore a figure fitting, sleeveless dress.  The purple/grey Yves Saint Laurent dress was a lovely colour and fit on her. But the detail on the top reminded me just a little bit of a bridesmaid's dress.


This white draped Chris March dress looked lovely on Meryl Streep.  It fit Meryl's simple style.  But it didn't feel like it  an Oscar worthy red carpet dress. 


I normally love everything Sarah Jessica Parker does - she takes risks and I really like that about her.  Too many in Hollywood play it safe.  But tonight she just looked uncomfortable in her Chanel couture dress. She was constantly tugging at the fabric around her neck like it was choking her.   And the back of the dress was frankly unflattering on her.

Jennifer Lopez is another who takes risks on the red carpet.  And I loved this dress from the waist up.  The bodice and curved detail was really elegant and showed off her figure.  But I really hated the peacock attached to her hip.   Apparently others loved it.  But to me it made the dress wear her... and not the other way around.


There was a lot of talk in the press about Suzy Cameron's eco-friendly dress. But all I could think when I saw her was how skinny and bony it made her look. 

The other dress that I just didn't get was Charlize Theron in Dior couture.  Everything about the colour and fit of the dress, hair, make-up and jewelry was fantastic, except for the crazy roses on her chest. 


So my "What Was She Thinking!?" Award going to Kathy Bates.  The too big mother-of-the-bride blow-out hair paired with a boring black dress.  She looked matronly and truly forgettable.


There are quite a few others I'd also like to include.  This is the bittersweet part of the blog.  Great to be included, but obviously not good or bad enough to be highlighted above.  First and foremost Queen Latifah truly dazzled in Badgley Mischka.   Loved Molly Ringwald's dress, but didn't get the Egyptian hair and accessories.   Mariska looked great (as always) but her dress was a bit too safe for my taste.  Virginia Madsen interpreted the sheer lingerie look coming in this spring.  Demi's Atelier Versace dress fit her beautifully but I didn't like the colour on her... made her sort of disappear.   Tina Fey took a risk with an animal print which looked more fitting for the Emmy's than the Oscars.  Finola Dwyer and Amanda Posey (the Producers of "An Education") went for a colour combination. While Anne Sweeney (co-chair of Disney Media Networks) stayed with a more classic navy blue.  Jane Seymour stood out in red, but her diamonds disappeared on her skin.   And not sure why Kathy Ireland was at the awards, but her dress was nice.   CCH Pounder really didn't bring her best this year.  As usual Antonio was Melanie Griffin's best accessory.  Don't know the name of Quincy Jones' guest, but she really stood out in pink.  Cheryl Hines and Faith Hill both looked lovely in black.  And Sherri Sheppard wore a lovely one shouldered blue gown.  And then there is Mariah Carey.  I just never seem to like what Mariah wears.  And this Valentino couture dress is no different.  There just seems too much going on.  I don't know where to look... the cleavage, the leg, the jewelry, the shoes.   It looks like she is trying too hard.   And then there is Barbra in her Funny Girl update.

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