Last week I wore my new H&M scarf to work.  At lunch I met up with the lovely @alexishinde from Chill Monkeys and Sue Sinclair from @raspberrykids for lunch at the local Go Fish restaurant.  Alexis was kind enough to take some photos of different ways I could wear the oblong scarf. 

Style #1 - This is the one seen most commonly on the streets this summer. Pretty easy. Just wrap and adjust to how long/loose you want it.

Style #2 - In this case you fold your scarf in half and create a loop, which you then pull the rest of the scarf through.  It is demonstrated in the scanned instructions from "The Knaughty Look" (check last Friday's Fashion Flashback for more from the book) below.    With a thicker scarf like the one I wore that day, this looks creates more volume near your face.  With a smaller scarf it is less bulky.   You can wear it straight to the front as I did, or separate the 2 parts and put over your shoulder as demonstrated in the scanned instructions.  (Note: Not necessarily the best scarf to wear when you are also wearing your DSLR camera to take pictures at an event)

Style #3 - I like this one as it really keeps the scarf in place and feels much neater than the others.   I don't have any fancy instructions for this one.  So have patience with my written instructions...

  • Just like in style #2 fold scarf in half and place it around your neck
  • Slide 1 of the ends of your scarf through the loop from the right
  • Slide the other end of the scarf through the loop from the left/opposite side (sort of like braiding)
  • Adjust as necessary

Will work on some square styles for tips next week.   I found my scarf clip, so that should add some fun.