I wanted to follow up on my previous post on our "Nothing New" Christmas Exchange.  It was so much fun watching all the different gifts, from a variety of places. None of them a mall!

  • Used Jazz photography book - 2nd hand book store
  • Vintage dessert bowls - eBay
  • French Fry cutter - kitchen cupboards at home
  • Used carving set and cook book - eBay
  • Very unique brass fish lamp - antique store
  • Pop-up light reflector for photos - cupboards at home
  • Fine Art coffee table book - used book store

My sister-in-law Carmyn (my husband's oldest sister) had my name and I scored big. 

  • Pink purse - SIL's closet
  • Black and white flower on head band - re-gift
  • Pearl necklace and earrings - vintage store in Penticton

I particularly love the necklace with the greenish vintage tone to the pearls and stones.

But the best gift award goes to the middle sister-in-law Lisa who had the name of the youngest sister-in-law, who is 14 (my husband has 3 sisters).  The gift was like a never ending surprise....

The present started with a vintage 1979 Avon over night bag.  Tied up with necklaces and bracelets from Lisa's jewelry box.

Inside was a black bubble skirt from Joe Fresh, along with a cute army green t-shirt (both from SIL's closet).  Some used cork squares for the crafting centre and the finishing touch was used Nintendo Wii game remotes so the youngest SIL could play with her girlfriends.

It was great to see my husband's family embrace this idea of not buying new for Christmas.  The idea carried on through the kids, with my 3 year old son receiving lots of well loved toys and books from his older cousins.  He was thrilled by his new "to him" gifts as the rest of us.