Last week I caught a twitter stream about a Surprise Fashion Show at the Opus.  So I jumped right on it even though I already had plans for that night.   For weeks I had been trying to coordinate a night to meet the esteemed @erin_braincandy and that was the night.  I asked if she minded changing our plans and coming with me to the show.  She also jumped right on it.  It was a win - win.

We had a lovely opportunity to sit in the Opus, watch all the "Cool" Kids and chat about books, fashion, Olympics, SYTYCD, Androids, Women in Leadership and Tim Gunn (more on that in a future post).    

The show was by Nicole Bridger.  She was recently awarded the honour of being Canada's first eco fashion design winner from Fashion Takes Action.  She is a Vancouver girl (who interned with Vivienne Westwood and designed for Lululemon), working in Vancouver and making a difference in fashion.  She believes in taking care of the earth and its people.  She makes choices in her designs that support this belief.    With the award she will be showcasing her collection during NY Fashion Week.   I was excited to see some of her designs up close.

I took photos.  But frankly they were all crap - with one exception.  But Nicole's PR people were happy to send me a few pictures from her Spring/Summer collection to share. 

 Nicole's Spring/Summer collection is deceptively simple.  She works with solid colours in blacks, greys, teel and the "in" nude.  All her elements have lovely details that make her designs unique and fun to wear.  To Everything in her collection is truly wearable, many of the pieces are also maternity friendly.  This is helpful for us budget and style conscious moms or moms-to-be.  

This first shot was my favourite piece.  It is called the Courage Cardigan and is a linen jersey knit.  I missed a photo of it on the runway, so I asked the model to pose for a second shot for me.

Overall we had a lovely night.  The show itself though could have had more fan-fare. We were busy chatting and almost missed the beginning of it. And it was a bit short.  But I did get a sneak peek at Nicole's fall line by email a few days afterwards and it seems to be more of the same simple, elegant, yet unique pieces.  I look forward to telling you more as it gets closer to fall.

Nicole's line is available at Twigg and Hottie and Tenth and Proper.