With the lovely weather in the past week I have broken out my spring coat.  My winter jacket has gone back to the back of the closet and I hope not to have to see it again for about 6 months.  In fact I hope to donate it to a worthwhile cause next fall and get a new one. But that is another story.

Long before I had heard of Tim Gunn's Guide to Style 10 Essentials List, I had wanted a great single breasted trench coat.  I live in Vancouver and a great looking coat that can work through spring, fall and cooler summer nights is essential.  I had searched long and hard  for one in spring 2008, but alas the dream trench was elusive to me.  Then the next fall I walked into Banana Republic and saw this fantastic grey blue trench style coat.  The best part was the Purple Rain perfect Purple lining.  It spoke to my inner diva... it was just enough flash to make the coat really interesting.