Sometimes it takes no time at all to get ready.  Other days it seems like you will never find the right thing to wear.  Saturday was one of those days for me.  You would think a social dinner with some professional women friends (the other members of the Women in Leadership Foundation Advisory Board) would be easy.  Well no - 2 hours later I was finally ready to go!!

As I got dressed I seemed to be either over dressed, under dressed, boring or lacking the right bra (and yes a good strapless is on the list of things to get... SOON).   I really began to wonder if maybe I should just give up, climb into my pjs and watch a movie.   In the end I found an appropriate - if not the world's  most uncomfortable - bra to work with my black dolman sleeve top.  Since new jeans are also on my list (and the playgym jeans would NOT work) I paired it with black pants, long stands of white pearls and my great new charcoal grey platforms.   I felt great - except for the underwire digging into my rib cage.

And it was worth it.  We had a great evening (some champagne and a few bottles of wine didn't hurt either).   The other members of the Women in Leadership Foundation (WIL) team are smart, funny, interesting, diverse women ranging from 19 to 50+.  We are accountants, HR professionals, marketing professionals, students, entrepeneurs, mentors, mentees and of course all around fabulous women. 

We eventually came around to discussing fashion.  And its role in our lives. And while much of fashion is really just fun, we all agreed to a couple of things:

  1. When you are dressed in something that fits right, represents you and that you love = you feel great! And that comes across to everyone you meet.
  2. It is obvious to everyone when you are trying to dress to fit a trend and not staying true to your own personal style/body/fit.  You always look a bit uncomfortable in your own skin.
  3. That dressing right for the professional occasion is about presenting yourself (or your personal brand) as you want to be perceived and not about personal taste (or as one person put it "dressing for the job you want").
  4. And that none of the above has to be done at the expense of yourself - or at least that is what we have learnt from "What not to wear".

And of course there were some GREAT shoes.  Linda's gold wedges, Lana's red and white strappy shoes and  my grey platforms.

I'm going to profile some of the women on WIL Advisory Board over 40 in the next few months.  They all have a strong sense of personal style and I always find them inspiring.    I hope you will to.