So most fashion blogs tell the good time stories.  We take pictures of the days we look awesome and forget to talk about the days when things don't go as planned.   Today was one of those days for me.... TMI warning.

Today when getting dressed for work I decided to give my super comfy, although a bit short, Michael Kors purple, brown, taupe graphic dress a wear.  I paired it with a wide purple belt and a Joe Fresh purple cardigan.  Since the dress is a jersey I decided to wear a slip for the first time in years (it still had the tag on it from when I bought it about 5 years ago).  By this time I'm rushing to leave for work, so I grab an old faithful pair of taupe tights.  They have a great little vertical stripe detail which makes my legs look extra long.  Brown shoes and we are off for the day.

Well apparently my taupe tights have been faithful a bit too long.  As I walked from the parking lot to the office they started to roll.  And not just a little.   It is a two block walk to the office.  One block in and my nylons were doing their best plumber butt impression.  By half a block from the office they rolled past the bum and started down my legs.  Since my dress is shorter than I normally wear I knew I'd never get to the office without the tights rolling down past the skirt line.  Or perhaps even landing around my ankles.  Since I'm in the middle of a busy street I can't hike them up.  So I take a hold of them on my right thigh and held them in place until I got into the office.  When the first thing I did was hit the bathroom to pull them up. 

Next problem - dress is too short to wear without nylons and the closest drug store is about 6 blocks away. 

Any embarrassing fashion moments you want to share?