I don't remember exactly when I became interested in fashion. But I do know the first pair of boots I ever wanted.  It was 1978.  I was 10 and desperate for a pair of "fashion boots".   And I was soooo excited when I got my black, high-heeled, shiny (aka probably plastic) boots. 

And the obsession didn't stop there.  I LOVE shoes, boots, sandals, open toe, closed toe, wedge, cork, orange, red, green.....  I think part of my obsession is because I never have a hard time finding cute shoes in my size.  Not always the case for other clothing.  

This obsession will come to no surprise to people who know me. Or those who met me at the Women in Leadership Foundation SuperWomen & Friends Gala where I took pictures for a shoe focused blog.

I will admit that I don't enjoy heels the same way I did when I was younger.   I don't know when this happened as I used to go salsa dancing in 4 inch boots in what seems like just a couple of years ago (it is 11).  Whatever the reason the result is  I only have 1 pair of stilettos in my closet (I know Carrie Bradshaw would hang her head in shame).  

I have two  current obsessions.  Fluevogs and Campers.  They have 2 things in common...

  1. Unique style/sense of humour (the fluevogs are just that little bit vintage and the campers a bit of fun)
  2. Comfort

They are also not cheap.   And no I don't have a mortgage worth of expensive shoes in my closet.   But I'd rather spend more money on a pair of stand out shoes that I'll wear for years, than two pairs of cheap shoes that only last a season (or 2 if you are lucky).  Now that doesn't mean I don't check out the Army & Navy sale. I'm just more careful about what I spend my money on. 

The weird thing I've just discovered is my feet seemed to have grown. I had heard an urban myth from other mothers that this happens.  But I never believed it until I wore an older pre-baby shoes this week and they made my toes hurt.  This could be good news - need new shoes!  That also means possibly saying goodbye to some long time favourites.   And I love some of those shoes.

I tried to take pictures of my Camper/Fluevog collection.  And realized that shoes look much better with feet in them - especially sandals.  Problem was 2 fold (1) no pedicure, and (2) I'm not flexible enough to take good pictures of the shoes when they are on my feet.   So pictures don't do the shoes justice, but you should get a sense of my collection  (click on one of the pictures to see the gallery with my comments on each photo).