For the past few weeks I've been shopping for a new pair of black shoes.  I need them first for the Women in Leadership Gala on the 6th, and then for both work and fun occasions.  My goal was platform peep toe shoes with a stacked (not stiletto heel).  I wanted good quality shoes that will last me for quite a few years.  Really looking for something like my grey suede ones that I wear everywhere and are sooo comfortable.   

I couldn't believe how hard it was to find ones I liked and fit. First I tried to find good shoes that were at stores where I had discounts or gift cards.  Nothing. Finally I found this pair of black patent peep toe platforms at Holt Renfrew. They are Michael Kors (and yes probably the least expensive pair of shoes you can buy at Holts).  I'm a bit nervous about how high they are - which isn't that bad because of the platform.  Would be dressy for work, but really they are a fantastic special occasion/party shoe.

Then I went into Gravity Pope yesterday and fell in love with these Fluevogs.  Not peep toe, not platform. But so cute and really comfortable.  They are cute special occasion shoes, but really they are a great work shoe.

Now the problem is I can't afford to keep both.  Help!!   Which ones do I keep?