Last spring, as we eagerly anticipated the new Sex and the City movie, I entered a number of SATC contests.  As I was heading to New York for BlogHer in August I was excited to win a tour of the Sex and the City Hotspots through Haus of Hybrid.  Of course, being SATC it couldn't be a drama free experience.  We went on an extended vacation before  New York and I forgot the tickets at home.  A good friend of my husband's offered to pick them up and take them to Gwen (Leftcoast Mama) who had not yet left for New York and was going on the tour with me.  Of course, I couldn't have left them anywhere easy and our friend had to basically ransack my room to find the tickets. Which I had tucked into my Tim Gunn book like a book mark.   And I shudder to think of the things he found before the tickets.

Anyways the tour itself.  It was a bus tour by On Location Tours around New York noting SATC Hotspots, with a few stops for us to eat/drink/shop.   I was a bit concerned about being stuck on a bus and not being able to see much.  Plus we had to take a lot of photos from the bus.

Cowgirls. Where Miranda and Carrie run into their ex-guys.


But after a day shopping in SOHO and 2 busy days of a conference and networking, my feet were extremely excited about a bus tour.  Minimal walking, lots of sitting and AC made me very happy.   The cost of the tour, if we had had to pay was $42 per person.

 We drove by sites, watched clips from SATC at those sights and heard fun stories from our very energetic tour guide Stephanie (she has done a really interesting project on eating disorders).

A big thanks to Gwen who took a lot of the photos.   We took turns at the window in the bus.  And then she took over when my battery died half way through and my spare was in our luggage under the bus.

We had 4 stops on our tour.

1 - The Pleasure Chest. The sex shop where Charlotte got her "rabbit".   And just down the street was the pizza shop Two Boots to Go West.  Since Gwen and I had run out of the hotel that morning to make the tour we skipped the sex and went straight for pizza.

The Pleasure Chest - Love that they are ZAGAT rated.

Two Boots Pizza


A slice of Margherita pizza


I was just a little bit hungry.


2 - Buddakan.   The restaurant where Carrie and Big had their rehearsal dinner in the first SATC movie.  It is also the location of  a New Year's Eve party where Anthony and Stanford share their first kiss.

The location of the Rehearsal Party.


Gwen and I in a really big mirror.


The gorgeous red "screens" through the restaurant


The archway next to the one where Anthony and Stanford kissed. See rant at end of post for more on this.


3 - The Magnolia Bakery.  Here we got time to wander around the West Village neighbourhood and shop a bit, before eating yummy cupcakes and getting back on the bus.

The West Village.


The Alexis Bittar ruby dust gunmetal marquis pendant that I coveted. Alexisbittar.comI made Gwen take this picture.


I made Gwen take this picture.




What I Wore. And yes I dared to wear 2 animal prints. Shoes - Camper, Bag - Danier Leather, Skirt - Reitman's, Tank - Ann Taylor, Scarf - H&M.




4 - O'Neal's Speakeasy aka "Scout" Aidan and Steve's bar.   Here we had time for a drink and some jewelry shopping.   Nella Allen Jewelry had set up a small jewelry stand inside the bar - for the tour. I immediately bought a long black crystal necklace to replace the one I had broken a few months before.




There was some drama on the tour.  There was a couple that didn't make it back to the bus after the Magnolia Bakery, but found us at O'Neal's.  They were an over the top PDA couple of a much older man and younger woman in a very tight short dress.  I have to be honest and admit the words "sugar daddy" came to mind several times as they blocked photos with their PDA.   The arch photo I took at Buddakan's is not the actual arch where Stanford and Anthony kissed, but the one next to it.  She stood for what seemed like hours in front of the right archway while they giggled and tried to get the picture right. And they had to kiss between each shot.   I suspect they didn't skip the sex shop for pizza earlier in the tour.

And then there was drama after the tour as we tried to get to the airport.  It was the Domincan Republic parade in Manhattan. It took us close to 2 hours to get the airport.   Thankfully we had called a car, which had a set price, or we'd have been pretty broke by the time we reached the airport.


It was a lovely tour.   But frankly the airport stress put a damper on it for both of us.  No matter what we were doing there was that little reminder at the back of our heads that we had to run to the airport as soon as it was finished.