So I'm ready to start my new adventure.  My intension is to share the good, the bad and the potentially embarrassing  details of my experience in re-discovering my sense of style after 40.     Follow to see how I balance my love of fashion, the needs of real life and gravity.

To find out a bit more about me check out the appropriately named "about". 

In addition to embarrassing uplifting blogs about my personal experiences, I also hope to include things that I love:

  • Profiles on real women who I feel have found their grove
  • Pictures of celebrities over 40 who (through the help of their stylists, hair dressers, designer friends, etc. ) show how hot trends are worn in "real" life events like red carpet award shows.  Hey ideas can come from anywhere!
  • Runway trends
  • What's hot!!  And what's not!
  • Reinterpreting trends the 2nd time around... and NO I'm never doing those lie down on the bed to zip them up jeans again.
  • Fun polls - to get your thoughts and ideas... cause fashion is fun not brain surgery.

And NO you don't have to be over 40 to enjoy my blog.  I'm sure all age groups will find my experiences equally embarrasing inspiring.