I was at the Olympic Figure Skating Free Skate event last night. What a fantastic experience being in that arena when Canada won its first Olympic gold for Dance.  Even more memorable as my mom was with me.

Interestingly Nicole Kidman and her hubbie were also in the audience (far away from me in my nose bleed seats).   My first thought - of course - was what is she wearing!  And then I thought what pressure she must face when getting dressed everyday.   Everyone judges what she wears everyday. She is an award-winning actress, whose job is to become other people for our entertainment.  And apparently being a fashionable women, all day and everyday, is part of the job description.

I have noticed since I started this blog that I feel more pressure to look good when I go out.  The pressure if from me and nobody else.  My girlfriends are nothing but supportive and happy to give tips and ideas for future segments.  But I just don't want to be the dork who looks like crap and tells people she writes a fashion blog. 

With this blog I'm not trying to pretend I'm perfect or that I have the answers. A bad outfit (or hair day) is part of being human and makes logical sense that would be part of my blog adventure.  And really dressing for the playgym should not be that complicated.  Part of the reason for doing this is to help grow my fashion, while helping others learn.  But I guess I'm just not ready to be the what NOT to wear example that people talk about after you leave the room.