I know it isn't even Christmas yet, but I needed to make an early New Year's Resolution. As we moved my blog to a new server this week, it also moved my email. So my email was down for two days.  I realized that my mail box was a lot cleaner and I didn't really miss many of the newsletters that I subscribe to.  I knew immediately when my mail was back up... I got an onslaught of enewsletters.  So I decided it was time to trim some of the fat. 

My newly realized addiction to signing up for newsletters is junking up my life.  I can't focus on the things I really love because I'm spending all my time reviewing and deleting emails.  Most of these newsletters or emails come first thing in the morning, so when you are prepping for your day you are distracted by things you don't need. 

The emails were of the following types:

  • Store emails - Now I LOVE Banana Republic and Talbots. But I get a couple of emails a week for "today only" % off emails.  It is too much.  I guess I'll miss out on a discount when I'm ready to shop there. But this "shop now" mentality, while I'm drinking my morning tea, is messing with my head.   I think once in a while they send interesting emails about what is hot for the next season or interesting tips. But I wouldn't know anymore, as I just delete.
  • Women's organizations - I'll gladly admit to being a feminist.  So I often sign up for emails from interesting women's organizations.  But I get emails from a couple of women's groups daily!  I don't need to be reminded of the horrors going on in the world daily with my morning tea.  And sometimes I get two or three a day,  when they do a donation ask at the same time.  They need to learn quality over quantity.  Plus I tried to unsubscribe before, and nothing happened.  I hope it works this time.
  • Mom enewsletters & e-magazines - They are all great. But I can't read them all.  I like either short quick reads or unique stories.  I love stories from other moms more than parenting tips and ideas in my email box.  Generally for parenting information I like to have time to sit and read, not quickly scan in my email box. 

There were some that hurt to delete, like Business of Fashion. But I realized that I only read it once in a while, and I can just go to the site and get caught up vs getting it delivered. 

What did I keep?  Well amongst others I kept:

  • Sweet Life - always a good skim to see what is hot and what is happening in Vancouver.  Good helpful content.
  • Yoyomama - these frequent emails are nice and short, easy to see if the topic is relevant to me that day. And her Thursday "what to do" email is usually bookmarked each week.
  • Yummy Mummy Club - I always find at least one story from her bloggers that makes me laugh or cry.
  • Women in Leadership Foundation - they have a monthly newsletter, and then email invites to events. It isn't too frequent and I enjoy getting their updates.
  • Bloglovin - this lets me subscribe to various fashion blogs I love and get ONE email each day with a list of the latest posts from those blogs. 
  • Searching For Style - LOVE this blog.  This once daily email gives me her posts from the day before.  So I can stay on top  of everything.

My rule for future, is sure sign-up to see what you get and whether I like it or not. But if it isn't working then I need to learn to "unsubscribe" quickly.  It isn't hurting anyone's feelings.  And it isn't doing them any good having uninterested subscribers on their list.

What about you? Are you finding your inbox full of emails you don't read?  Any New Year's Resolutions?

Note - If you emailed me last week and got an error message, please try again as everything is back up and running now.