Continuing with Tuesday's accessory theme, I thought I'd share some pix of some other accessories I recently bought.  For those that follow my blog regularly you know I have a shopping list of things I could use.  New jewelry was on that list.  

Cheap & Cheerful

Bangles... H&M

I'm late to the Joe Fresh "following".  And was a bit surprised when I saw these for $19 at Superstore.  Lovely silver/grey long pearls that can be worn long or wrapped.

Me wearing the pearls wrapped with my LBD last Saturday.   I conveniently already had earrings to match.   Laugh lines were free and all mine!!

The "Splurge"

I saw this necklace in the Red Jade show at Vancouver Fashion Week and had to have it.   So the birthday money went to this wood pendant and oval ring from local designer Lemon Park.  Each is carved by hand from a single piece of dark sustainable tropical hardwood called Arung.  Strong statement one of a kind pieces.    Can be purchased online or at Peter Kiss Gallery on Granville Island.  The necklace is best seen in action... see shot below from Red Jade show.

I think I'm good for accessories for now.