Even though it is pretty darn cold today, summer will soon be upon us (and sorry to  Calgary who got more snow this weekend).  I LOVE to spend a summer day relaxing, drinking something cool and reading.  Now the reality is that most summer days my drink gets knocked over by a running toddler, and I re-read the same sentence about 10 times because I'm constantly looking up to see what same toddler is up to now. 

So now I fantasize about those warm days at the cottage drinking, reading and generally hanging out with friends.   In summer I particularly love a novel.  I'm not a romance book kind of girl.  And for a long time I didn't like anything too scary.  I've never read a Stephen King novel. But I guess that changed somewhere along the line because my book-case is lined with Anne Rice books.

I do enjoy light, funny, character driven stories.   And obviously the odd vampire story.   I also really like biographies.  Particularly women's stories.   

I also love fashion and pop culture magazines.   On pre-kid camping trips the girls would all bring a couple of magazines, and we'd have a stack at the end of the dock.  We'd hang out at the end of the dock, read a little of one, go get a new drink, read a little of another.  We'd read each other the quizes and laugh at the answers.  Magazines are also the easiest to read today when watching a toddler run about - although I wouldn't suggest reading while watching a toddler near water.    Too many dangers there.

I also usually pick up a big stack of magazines &/or at least 2 books when heading on an airplane vacation. I made the mistake of going a vacation to Greece once with only 1 book and a couple of magazines.  We ran out of things to read on the beach on about day 4 of our 21 day vacation.   And English reading materials aren't that readily available on the Greek Islands. So while I enjoyed my travel companions, it would have been nice to have had an excuse to "check out" a bit once in a while. 

My favourite travel/vacation magazines:

  • In Style - usually have nice fat summer issues full of celebrity and practical fashion advice.
  • People magazine - a nice mix of fashion, pop culture and celebrity gossip.
  • Entertainment Weekly - I get this one delivered at home each week and it feeds the TV junkie in me.
  • Cosmo - I have to admit I haven't bought this one for years. But it used to be a staple because of the fun quizes.
  • Parenting magazines - These have crept into the stack for obvious reasons.
  • Vogue - Especially the Fall issue, which usually comes out early August.
  • Canadian Living - Again a nice fat magazine, with a variety of interesting articles and fun food pictures to drool at.
  • Flare - Can't miss this good old Canadian fashion favourite.
  • More - Bought this one yesterday for the ferry ride back from Victoria - but alas the toddler who had had no nap didn't let me read past the Editor's letter.