Last year one of my most stylish friends send me an invitation to a home jewelery show.  I was surprised as I thought of jewelry home shows a bit conservative. I had attended several Fifth Avenue shows in the 90s, even hosting one.   But my girlfriend  raved about Stella & Dot. Unfortunately  I wasn't able to make it to her event. So it took me another 6 months, at my friend's baby shower to experience their product.  I was once again surprised.  It was modern. It was fun.  It was stylish. It felt like something I'd buy at a local boutique.  Essentially stuff I wanted to buy. But I want to see more first, which means I'd have to attend or host a Stella & Dot party.  

What do you think about home jewelry shows?  Do you attend them? Would you host one?  Do you have any favourite home show jewellery brands?   Would you attend a Stella & Dot event?  Should I host an event to check them out? 

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