So I know I'll lose subscribers once I admit this, but I felt it was time to open the discussion around this controversial topic for discussion.

Crocs - People love them. People hate them.  Nobody seems to be on the fence.

And yes, I wear them.  And yes I have more than one pair.   Now admittedly I bought my first pair about 4 years as a summer beach shoe.  They were cheap and I wasn't thinking about the potential environmental issues with rubber shoes. But they were comfortable for camping and summer activities. 

Three years ago I was pregnant and we took a trip out to PEI.  We discovered a croc store and I bought a cute"ish" pair of grey mary jane style, plus a pair of black ones.  I was almost 7 months pregnant at the time. So you can't blame me for wanting super comfortable shoes.

I continue to wear my mary jane crocs.  I use them as slippers when I travel.  I use them for camping, for running out into the backyard or to the park with my little guy. They stay on my feet, while many of my other "adult" sandals are not practical for the park.  They were really handy when we were travelling in Germany as house shoes.  I will wear them to run to the grocery store or other close to home errands.

I will clearly say that I do NOT wear my crocs to work, social engagements or when I might see people I know (beyond the mom's at the park and playgym of course).  So I guess you could define me as someone (until this post) as in the "croc" closet. 

I know people either love or hate crocs.  Where do you sit on the subject?