They are all over the media.  Can't swing a cat without hitting one of them online, on tv or in the old-fashioned print media.  Who are we talking about? Why the women from Sex and the City 2 of course.  You likely know them well.  But which one is your fashion doppelgänger?

Borrowing from, here is a reminder of each woman's unique and distinct style.

  • Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) is fearlessly fashionable: her style ranges from uptown chic to whimsy to sex kitten. Stilettos are a staple, and Field mixes designer with flea market finds for Carrie's unique look.
  • Samantha (Kim Cattrall) wears sexy styles that exude confidence. She is a Woman (with a capital "W") and the message comes across loud and clear through strong styles and bold color.
  • Charlotte (Kristin Davis) has a sweet, preppy style that is always accompanied by the proper bag and shoes. Bows, cute prints and feminine styles play up the kind nature of her character.
  • Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) looks like a very well-dressed career gal with chic corporate suits and androgynous styles.

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