So some days my day job comes home with me.  I try to take off the "marketing & communications" hat before I start blogging.  But sometimes the worlds collide.   And recently two fashion retailers confirmed for me that they still do NOT get it.

You likely know what I'm talking about.  You are reading a blog, so you are likely familiar with social media (or you are related to me).  You have probably signed up for a few e-newsletters from your favourite stores or designers. You might follow them on twitter or "like" them on Facebook.   They likely sell their product online, so you can surf and charge at 4am.  These retailers really seem to get your lifestyle and your needs as a consumer.   They are joining the online community and engaging with their customers (you)  in the way you want to be engaged. 

Then like a red light on a rainy day...  they do something so "old school" that you come to a screeching halt.   They have a Sex in the City Two contest and when you hit the "enter now" button it takes you to a scanned form for you to PRINT OUT and take INTO their store.     Now believe me I have been on their side of the fence. I know the old school management saying "we need to drive store traffic".   And that is their measurement of success.  How many people walked into their store and put a piece of paper in a box.     But believe me their competition gets "it" and there is no room to be left behind these days - particularly in fashion/retail.    Being old school is going to kill their business.   Then those same people will be saying "social media doesn't work".  

Who has time in their busy day to print off the entry form off their email? Print it out? Then drive/bus/walk/bike to the mall to hand it in?   Particularly, if like me you are juggling a toddler, a job, a business, a husband and a life.  My blog may rotate around fashion, but my real life does not. 

As a marketer I have lots of suggestions for this retailer  on what they can do with their online community to help drive the bottom line or traffic to their store.  Making me take an extra trip to your store JUST to enter a contest is old-fashioned, out of touch and disingenuous.   Next thing they know I might take myself off their e-newsletter list.